"It All Starts with a Vision"

Bruno Baumann


Bruno Baumann lives and works as a writer, filmmaker and photojournalist in Munich, Germany. His travels and adventures take him to remote regions of the world. He wanders the world and the vast expanses of nature in search of new encounters and to establish dialog with other cultures.

In his books, films and lectures he skillfully weaves personal experience and in-depth knowledge into suspense-filled tales of real-life adventure. For Baumann, it’s not so much about thrill-seeking and setting records, but rather his own intellectual curiosity that drives him to explore the secrets our world holds in his quest to find answers to the fundamental questions of life.


"In the Interplay of the Possible with the Impossible..."

Ingeborg Bachmann, "Longing for Earth's Secrets"
(Die Sehnsucht nach den Geheimnissen der Erde)

His adventures originate in his mind. The idea is followed by action. Through courage and raw determination, he transforms his ideas into reality, and lives out his dreams.

Man and nature are the recurring themes. Nature in its most elemental form becomes a medium, a practice ground. Bruno Baumann's goal is not to conquer nature with all modern technology has to offer, but to co-exist, by exposing himself to the forces of nature and playing by her rules to survive. The keyword is reductionism: less is more. Each sojourn in the deserts, steppes and mountains is but another step on the road to self-discovery.

A keen observer of the world around him, Baumann feels a strong sense of responsibility to speak out against wanton violence and manifest injustice. He is a staunch supporter of the Tibetan cause and has enjoyed a longstanding friendship with His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.

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