On Buddha's Footsteps

The benchmark of living Buddhism

In this impressing and unique book the reader will be taken on a journey to the different centres of Buddha in Nepal and India and how Buddhism has spread throughout Thailand/Laos/Sri Lanka, China/Vietnam, Tibet, Japan and Korea.

Everywhere, the Buddha appears as image in different styles, but it is obvious that it is the same Buddha people believe in. Either with a big belly as displayed in China or more ascetically as in Burma. Since ever Buddhism merged in a symbiosis with culture and the people living there. Interesting to learn is also the aspect how very much Buddhism was influenced by the landscape and different vegetations, like in the scantiness of Tibet where the convents are breathtakingly colourful, or in the magnificent Japan where the convents are basically simple.
At every end of a chapter there are interviews with very well known masters of recent Buddhism, like Dalai Lama or the Vietnamese master Thich Nhât Hanh, who both stand for the differently practiced ways of Buddhism. They have their own personal interpretation of ancient Buddha and comment on the different aspects of the apprenticeship which they personally consider important.

In this complete works of living Buddhism you will find incomparable photographs and lots of informative text.

Short list of content:
Chapter 1: The prince who became a Buddha
Chapter 2: The custodian of Buddhas heritage
Chapter 3: Buddhas teachings as the export-hype alongside the Silk Road
Chapter 4: The Himalaya – Buddhas mountain fortress
Chapter 5: Buddha in the land of the rising sun

Hardcover with dust jacket
approx. 208 pages with more than 200 photographs
format: 27,5 x 29 cm

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