Sky River of the Himalayas

Bruno Baumann has just left with a TV-team to Tibet. He will be working as a consultant on a TV-series about the Brahmaputra river. This challenging and fascinating project is an international co-production of various TV-stations such as CCTV10, ORF, ZDF and ARTE. 

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Kailash Conference in Moscow


The 2nd Kailash Conference took place in March 21-22, 2015 ath the Roerich museum in Moscow

Bruno Baumann did participate by giving a lecture about "Pilgrim routes to Mt.Kailash"

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New Publication with contribution of Bruno Baumann



Edited by Robin Hanbury-Tension and Robert Twigger

The spirit of exploration is alive and well in the twenty-first century. Any idea that there is nowhere left to explore is totally disproved by the adventures of the explorers showcased here. Through the thirty-nine vivid, mostly first-hand accounts, we gain unique insight into what it is actually like to be on an expedition - to be dragged through the top of the rainforest canopy in an inflatable raft suspended from a balloon; to walk across fiercely inhospitable desert with your water supply running out; to inch up a sheer rock wall to conquer a summit never climbed before; to pedal a boat solo across the Pacific; to venture on the trail of fossil dinosaurs; or to stand on the edge of an erupting vulcano...

Here are challenging and epic journeys to some of the remotest parts of the planet in extremes of temperature and aridity, frequently alone and on the edge of danger. Dramatic photographs taken on these expeditions, often at the very moment of discovery or peril, add to the sense of adventure. From the frozen poles to the hottest deserts, from mountaintops to the depths of oceans and underground caves, all terrains are covered.

Some of the featured explorers are already celbrated internationally, others are young or less well known and just starting to make their mark; hailing from all parts of the globe, they share a common passion, courage and resilience.

The Modern Explorers will inspire anyone who wants to feel the thrill of exploration and share the euphoria of these intense voyages. It also shows how exploration continues to deepen our understanding of our world and its wild places, as well as how we might preserve them for future generations.

The Modern Explorers
with 267 illustrations, 256 in colour
Thames & Hudson, London 2013





New Books


The Silk Road

On  the legendary road to Asia

Treasured goods and valuable knowledge used to be transported on the caravan routes of the Silk Road. But for Bruno Baumann, the Silk Road is mure than a historic trading road. It is a modern link between Europe and Asia. In his book, in a highly unique way, Bruno Baumann blends interesting facts and information about the Silk Road with stories of his own adventures while exploring its myths as well as experiences gathered during his current project "Silkroad Experiences". An exciting journey between past and present that also leads us through Venice on Marco Polo´s footsteps, to the oasis on the edge of the Taklamakan, and to the heavenly heights of the Tien Shan mountians.

Bruno Baumann, born in 1955, studied ethnology and history. He lives in Munich, Germany, and works as a writer and filmmaker. The modern explorer is regarded as one of the greatest authorities on Asia and on the Silk Road. in 2003, he successfully crossed the Gobi desert in a solo attempt. In 2004, his discovery of the archeological remains of the kingdom of Zhangzhung in Western Tibet cuased quite a stir. Throught the events he organises for his project Silkroad Experiences, he wants to initiate a dialogue in the countries along the ancient Silk Road and overcome cultural boundaries.

The Silk Road
272 pages, four-coloured throughout with 122 photographs and maps
hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN 978-3-7243-1051-8




Desert Quest

My Travels Through the World´s Sand Deserts

(so far only in German language available)


Hardcover, 302 pages, 39 color photos, 4 maps
ISBN: 978-3-89029-401-8
Malik (Piper Publishing House) Munich, October 2011

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New Public Lectures


Himalaya - Kingdoms between Heaven and Earth

In an old Indian script it says: "A hundred divine ages are not enugh to describe all the splendour and wonders of the Himachal". You must have seen the massive Himalaya only once from the lowlands as it rises up from out of the mist of the valleys - majestic, pure and clear - reaching high up into the sky, and you will understand that the Indians look up to the peaks with reverence and associate these more with heaven than with earth and worship these as the abode of their gods. From there the rivers emerge - the Indus, the Ganges, the Brahmaputra - with their life-giving waters on which millions and millions of human beings are dependent.

In a time when geographical circumstances, ehtnic unity, and overcome traditions determines the communities a whole row of small Himalayan kingdoms arose: Bhutan, Sikim, Ladakh, Zanskar, Mustang and Guge. Some of them survived many centuries and were able to keep their independence right up into the last century and on single kingdom - Bhutan - even till nowadays. They all have one thing in common: they are heirs of the Indian Buddhism which spread out on various paths over the whole Himalaya region and had a stimulating effect on them culturally.

Bruno Baumann has folowed the old paths on the highest pedestrian zone of the world; along the ancient salt route through Mustang, cross the Nangpa La - the path of the Sherpa - from Tibet to Nepal, through the "Grand Canyon" of the Himalaya to Guge. He visits monasteries and festivals in Ladakh and explores Bhutan, where protection of nature and culture are paramount and where lving standard is not measured by gross national product but by gross national happiness. During his transversale of Nepal´s "wild west" he becomes witness of living shamanism, and in Mustang he belongs to the first foreigners who - after orpening of the country - are welcomed by the Raja in his palace in the somehow quaint town of Lo Manthang. During bloom of the rhododendrons in Bhutan he climbs up to the foot of the sacred mountain Chomolhari.

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The Silk Road - Legendary Past and Present

"The ancient Silk Road is of the past
but its multicultural spirit is more relevant then ever"

                 Chinghis Aitmatov

The desire to track down a myth became a lifetime project, whereby the adventure Silk Road can be experienced in many different ways:
Right in the middle of sand ocean of the Takla Makan, when the caravan stands in front of a "Pompeji of the desert", one of those places of ancient times shrouded in mystery and preserved by dry sand or in one of the bazaars in remote oasis with their oriental mixture of ancient craftsmenship and vibrating atmosphere of ordours and sounds; but also in caves cut into the rocks at the bottom of the "heavenly mountains" (Tien Shan) with artful paintings like in a pictue book.

But the Silk Road is not only nostalgic past. There is a renaissance of the worlds most important band between peoples and continents. Along ancient caravan tracks a new Silk Road has emerged, a modern link between East and West, from Europe to China. This vision not only fuels the imagination of poets like the Kirghiz writer Chinghis Aitmatov but also of politicians of all kinds who believe this to have great commercial potantial. But an exchange only limited to economy is not enough to revive the function of the old Silk Road which brought people of different cultures together. The dialogue - this is exactly what the Silk Road teaches us - must take place on a much broader base.

This insight stands at the beginning of "Roads of Dialogue", the recent Silk Road project of Bruno Baumann, which sets a mark with a spectacular caravan of culture.

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New Publications

Audio CD 

Spirit of the Silk Road

Songs of Dialogue


Music of the Silkroad Ensemble
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produced by Bruno Baumann
Price: € 20,00

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New Project



The official website of the Silkroad project:


The World of Bruno Baumann

Permanent Exhibition at the Naturparkzentrum Grottenhof




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Last Releases 



Kailash - Tibet´s Sacred Mountain

375 pages, 197 color photos, 3 maps
National Geographic Paperback, Munich 2010
ISBN: 978-3-492-40405-1
Price: € 14,95




On Buddha´s Footsteps

Synopsis | Preview (German)

216 pages, 200 photos
edition terra magica by Nymphenburger Publisher
ISBN: 978-3-7243-1004-4

Bruno Baumann: Interview with the Dalai Lama/ Entrevista al Dalai Lama (V.O.S):
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Honorary citizenship of the Austrian hometown Kaindorf/Sulm


Theater Project


The Latvian theater group United Intimacy has been performing in Riga successfully "Caravan of no return" based on the book of Bruno Baumann about his dramatic journey through the Takla Makan desert. More



Interview with Bruno Baumann online at



Books including contributions by Bruno Baumann




Personal Stories of Grandeur, Challenge and Hope

Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Preface by Jimmy Carter
Epilogue by Sir Edmund Hillary

Edited by Richard C.Blum. Erica Stone und Broughton Coburn

National Geographic Society and the American Himalayan Foundation 2006

As solid as a rock, as eternal as its deities, as fragile as the dawn:
Will the Himalaya survive the pressures of the modern day?
Its people embody courage and compassion, yet they face political strife, regional rancor, economic hardship, and environmental deterioration.
In this collection of personal accounts and stunning images, clear-sighted writers and photographers share their firsthand knowledge, stories, and visions and offer rare insights into this cherished realm.

Further information at