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The Silk Road – Myth and Reality (Hoffman & Campe)


Heinrich Pleticha
Die Neue Bücherei

"It is precisely the link between the past and present that gives this book its special appeal... Good contemporary travel books are rare, which is why this one can be universally recommended."


"The book is not only an informative, gripping account of the history and culture of the regions along the Silk Road, but the authors share many personal experiences and observations as well."


"Fortunately the book does not just impart historical data or introduce the reader to the mysteries of silk production. It also confronts the reader with the current environmental issues facing the different countries, presents the conflict between the CP of China and the Falun-Gong movement, and exposes the truth about the pirating of antiquities in the name of research i.e. the archeological highway robbery perpetrated by the Europeans... highly commendable."

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