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Silk Road Adventure


“Travel stories just don’t get any more fascinating than this.”


"Bruno Baumann has succeeded in presenting the diverse circumstances of these regions so vividly that after reading his book, the only thing that readers are left wanting is to make the journey themselves... In contrast to the usual experience with photo-illustrated books, where the text is merely a staccato sequence of predictable, st&ard sentences with hardly a pause for breath, here we find a well-balanced mixture of fact & insight based on personal experience... Loads of photos that awaken the reader's w&erlust & the author's ability to bring smells, sounds & colors to life, make this book the next best thing to being there."


Salzburger Woche

"Not only is the narrative gripping, but the author has proven himself an authority on Asia, providing us with profound insights into the history & culture of the Silk Road. Fabulous color photography complements this highly commendable book."



"Unique photos, elaborate maps, profound knowledge & personal experience combine to integrate this gripping record into a complete picture of the Silk Road past & present. All congratulations to the publisher upon the release of this extraordinary book."

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