for Bruno Baumanns achievements


Honorary citizenship of the Austrian hometown Kaindorf/Sulm


Nominated for the German Hörbuchpreis 2005

Takla Makan - Schätze unter glühendem Sand


Globetrotter Prize for the Best Travel Book of 2002

Kailash: Tibet's Holy Mountain.

Bruno Baumann's newest book crowned "Best Travel Book 2002".


Kingdom of Nepal

Award for Distinguished Services to the Kingdom.

"His royal highness own Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal presents this plaque to Bruno Baumann for outstanding contribution in the Kingdom of Nepal."



Kodak Calendar Prize 2000

Prize for the Daimler Chrysler calendar 2000 "The Silk Road Legend".

"Myth Silkstreet"




Dia-Liveshows by Bruno Baumann

Bruno Baumann's top-quality multi-media lectures have been awarded the Leicavision Slide Show mark of excellence for exceptional sound and image quality. All lectures bearing this seal are supported by Leica AG, Solms.