Tibet’s Last Secret

The Search of Shangri La

Atlantis, Eldorado, Shangri-La: these are a few of the legendary places that touch the heart and inspire the imagination. Bruno Baumann set out to find one – and discovered a long-vanished culture: the kingdom of Shang Shung, which disappeared suddenly about 1,200 years ago.

Contemporary Tibetan Buddhism almost exclusively acknowledges its Indian roots, but Bruno Baumann found traces of a pre-Buddhist kingdom which, from its center in Sutley Valley, formerly extended across the greater portion of modern-day Tibet.

In the course of his explorations, he became the first person to navigate Sutley Canyon, a sort of “Grand Canyon of the Himalayas.” In the interior of this canyon, Baumann discovered the legendary Khyunglung Ngulkar Karpo: the silver palace which served as royal residence for the kings of Shang Shung until the 7th century.

Baumann’s expeditions enabled him to uncover the roots of the ancient and highly civilized Shang Shung kingdom. He discovered impressive remnants of a lost culture which had not only flourished here with its own writing, religion, medicine and astrology, but also contributed essential impulses to Tibetan Buddhism.

Finally, he reached a valley full of natural wonders. He found hot springs, formerly fruitful gardens and a mighty fortress: the fabled silver palace in Garuda Valley...

With historical documents and unique photos of his research, Bruno Baumann reveals the true origins of Tibetan culture as he weaves past and present into a captivating journey through time.

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