On Buddha's Footsteps

Journey to the Mysteries of Asia

Only few persons of mankind have radiated so far and with such lasting effect as Siddharta Gautama, the "Buddha"; and nobody has left such a deep impact on Asia than he did. His Teaching not only became spiritual
guidance for millions of people but also inspired whole cultures.

But who was the historical Buddha and what was his doctrine and by which means did it spread?

Bruno Baumann starts searching for the traces. The result is an epic journey leading him from the native land of Buddha, the fertile plains of the Ganges at the foot of the Himalaya, via Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma
to the Mekong. Along these Asian artery of life splendid cultures like Angkor (Cambodia) or Luang Prabang (Laos) have been flourished.

With merchants travelling on the Silk Road towards the east the Teaching of Buddha took a totally different direction. Bruno Baumann follows also these traces right into the Takla Makan - know as the desert of death -
where he discovers the san buried ruins of Dandan-oilik, a "Pompeji" of the desert.

Neither the greatest deserts not the highest mountains in the world turned out to be insuperable obstacles and the Teaching of Buddha seeped into China and Tibet by various means and even reached Korea and Japan.
When following these tracks Bruno Baumann comes very close to the spirit of Asia giving us a picture at the same time of nowadays under the clash of tradition and modern times.


Leicavision  in high-definition projection with 8-meter-wide screen



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