Film & TV-Works

In addition to his camera work, Bruno Baumann has also produced
films for television. Here you can find a selection of his productions.



Desert Experiences

ORF - Austrian Television
Newton - Science Magazine
First Screening 02/2011


Summiteers and Fennecs -
Adventurers and Explorers serving Adolf Hitler

"Mankind & Power": World War II
ORF - Austrian Television, 51 minutes
First Screening 9/2009

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Magic Worlds -
In Search of Shangri-La

ZDF Expedition, 45 minutes
First Screening 4/2006




In Search of Shangri-La. First Screening 4/2006


Gobi solo

(45 minutes) Wiederholung des ORF-Universum Films, First Screening 3/2006


Channel 4 / National Geographic TV:
Go into Extremes

60 minutes,
First Screening 2005


Outdoor Life Network TV (USA): 25 Most Dangerous Places

Episode 3, Gobi Solo, First Screening 2005


Gobi solo

ORF, 14% audience rating
45 minutes
First Screening 2/2004


CCTV 9 (China)

Gobi Solo,
First Screening 10/2003


Talkshow "La Vita"

Bayrischer Rundfunk
First Screening 2003


Film Series on "The Silk Road"

German Television (ZDF)
First Screening 1999



ARD - Morgenmagazin "Live"
Screening 1997


Through the Gobi Desert

(45 minutes)
First screening 1995


Through the Gobi Desert

Deutsche Welle TV
(30 minutes)
First screening 1995


Tibesti – The Secret Heart of the Sahara

ORF / 3Sat (12 minutes)
First screening 1994


The Desert War

ORF / 3Sat (12 minutes)
First screening 1994


Expedition in the Tibesti Mountains

VOX (45 minutes)
First screening 1994


Morocco – Journey through the Desert

ARD / BR (30 minutes)
First screening 1987

Bruno Baumann is always a welcome studio guest. He is an acknowledged authority on adventure & to-the-limit experiences, in particular when it comes to the deserts of this world.
ARD, Abenteuerwelt
Bruno Baumann, Bettina Böttinger
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SAT 1, Deutschland heute Morgen
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