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Across the Gobi Desert by foot

place 2.5, 02/2010, Sedus magazine - 'Whoever stops, dies'. This profound statement from Bruno Baumann electrified the people of Sedus some ten years ago and led to them acting on its core idea. Sedus decided to do something very special; a journey through the Gobi desert. Few of those involved realised quite what an impact the decision to take part would have on the rest of their lives.
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Challenge: Desert

identity 2/2008, Across the Gobi desert alone and on foot. Bruno Baumann does not shy away from challenges. He is the first man to cross the sandy heart of the Gobi on foot and alone. Baumann, who now lives in Munich, covered the more than 500 kilometers in just two weeks. It is worth noting that Baumann took on this challenge even though he almost lost his life on his first attempt to cross the Gobi. iDentity talked to the film-maker and author about his experience with extreme challenges.
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Safety Risk Innovation

100 Years of Hima, An Exhibition in Print, 2008 -Always moving to the next level. 'A border crossing is always innovative; it is always a step into unchartered territory.' The Austrian Bruno Baumann is one of the few truly important travellers of our day who combines research with adventure.
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A change of perspective

Transfer, 03/2007, Newspaper for Olympus employees - His intrepid expeditions take him to the realm of challenge and risk. On his travels, Bruno Baumann, famous adventurer, author and film maker, repeatedly masters extreme situations. In his lecture this year´s OSIS Forum, Bruno Baumann, spoke about the factors he believes were key to his success and transferred these to the context of a modern business enterprise.
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Surpassing boundaries with energy

Exploring Frontiers - on Foot Through the Gobi Desert

E.ON Energy Group Conference, Varna (BG) 2005 - Bruno Baumann probably knows Tibet and the deserts better than anyone else. He studied ethnology and history and has travelled numerous times through Tibet. He has enjoyed friendship with the Dalai Lama. In 2003 he succeeded, as the first and so far only person, in crossing the Gobi desert on foot, alone. Bruno Bauman has published many successful books.
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