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Beyond Limits


First man to cross the Gobi desert solo

Safety - Risk - Innovation

By challenging the seemingly impossible we increase our possibilities. In times of existential challenges on those will win who are ready to cross the border from the comfort zone to the challenging zone. Those who claim to cross limits are a mission impossible will be soon overtaken by those who just do it.
The example of the successful Gobi solo attempt will reveal the qualities and strategies to overcoming limits. Innovation does not take place in the comfort of routine and standards set by others. To be innovative means to move into the challenging zone, however there are also risk. Therefore it is necessary to balance the triangle of safety-risk-innovation.

From Vision to Action

Visualize your goals and make your visions more powerful through images. The vision generates the motivation. Development of a creative strategy and implementation. There is no innovation without mistakes. Learning from mistakes. Adjustment of the strategy to changing conditions. Experience and knowledge function as a counterbalance to a calculated risk.

Parameter of Success

The uppermost extent of self-reliance. The responsible use of resources. Flexibility. Being conditioned for the goal. Power and endurance. To recognize change as a chance. The ability to precisely perceive "weak signals" (emotional knowledge). The speed of reaction. A creative approach to every day and its challenges. The will of assertion.



Teamwork - The Key to Success


This keynote demonstrates how important high quality teamwork is in modern economy. It is no longer the qualifications of individuals that determine business success, but it is the quality of teamwork. However it is not easy to achieve a high level of teamwork, a quality of teamwork more than mere cooperation, that can be described as 'synergy'.
A manager seminar held by Bruno Baumann in the challenging zone of the Gobi Desert shows in an impressive way, what stages a team developing process needs to go through to reach the full potential of 'performing'; and what personalities and characters a team needs to become a top-team. It provides answers about how does leadership workout in a team and how a team can be motivated and conditioned to a common goal.
Conflict management in a team. Different opinions have a place - they even need to be encouraged. The point is to find a common optimum through the synthesis of single opinions.
Baumann´s own expedition through the Taklamakan Desert, the notorious "desert of death", serves as an impressive example of successful teamwork. At the beginning the members were no team at all. They were from different cultures und driven by different motives. However, the dramatic circumstances forced them to become a team, otherwise they would have lost everything, including their lives. Finally it was the successful team performance that decided between life and death.

The Parameter of a Top-Team

General acceptance of defined goals. Conditioning each other for success. A vital interest in solving problems. Professional communication. Responsible handling of limited resources. A high degree of comptence and self-responsibility.




Vision Quest


Whoever demands achievements, needs to provide a vision. It is the vision that defines the goal and generates the motivation to reach it. A vision promotes the common acceptance of the goal in a team. The power of images can be used to strenghten the vision. Powerful methods of visualization.
Once there is a goal defined the next step is to develop a creative strategy. Passion as the most powerful motivation is fuelled by the vision. However once the the stage of performance has reached, the move towards the goal, the vision needs to step back. The quality of the next step is more important.

The Dream of Shangri-La

Shangri-La is a symbol for an archetypal imagination of human yearning for some kind of a lost paradise that is hidden somewhere in the Himalaya or Tibet.

Bruno Baumann demontrates on the example of his "Search for 'Shangri-La' how a powerful vision can 'transfer mountians', e.g. overcome all obstacles. Baumann takes up the traces of this myth behind which he suspects some point of reality. This leads to a modern discovery journey which drives him cross Tibet to the entrance of a kind of 'Grand Canyon' of the Himalaya. Baumann and his team decide to explore this canyon - till then unknown and inaccessible - for the first time with special white water boats; a difficult and dangerous undertaking which needs a maximum amount of team performance.

The result exceeds all expectations: In the innermost part of the canyon they discover the remains of an ancient culture which had been believed to be a pure legend.



Insight China


China is not the sleeping dragon anymore. Instead, it plays a significant role in global politics and the global economy. Within only a few decades, the country was vaulted into modern times by a rapid process of development. Nevertheless, the clocks run differently in China.

This divergence can be ascribed to the legacy of a culture that is thousands of years old and so completely different to the cultures of the occident. The colour black, for example, is the symbol of joy in China, while white represents mourning. Moreover, ancient behavioural patterns and strategies, which can only be understood within their culture-specific tradition, still dominate the social graces. In order to be successful on the Chinese market, knowing these rules and regulations is an essential tool.

Since the mid-eighties, he has been travelling to China regularly and he has become a sophisticated connoisseur of the country. On these trips, he became aware of the superficial changes, as well as of the inner processes and developments that determine the thinking, feeling and acting of the Chinese.

Bruno Baumann was not only able to realise his innovative ideas, such as the voyage of discovery to Shangri-La, or the first solo crossing of the Gobi desert, because he managed the physical and mental challenges. Moreover, he showed to have good negotiating skills and a strong ability to assert himself among his Chinese partners.

By the way, the Chinese character symbolising challenge has a double meaning. It stands for chance too.